Research Project: JS Libraries/Frameworks

Topic: Vue.js

By Robert Gras


Vue.js was made to be able to build interactive webpages with the goal being to provide the benefits of reactive data binding and composable view components with and API that is simple as possible. Vue.js is not a full-blown framework as the core is focused on the view layer only. Therefore, it is quite easy to pick up and integrate with other libraries or existing projects. When used in combination with the proper libraries, Vue.js is capable of powering sophisticated Single-Page Applications.


The learning curve for Vue.js is quite easy compared to other Frameworks with no prior knowledge of ES2015, TypeScript, JSX, or build systems. All that is needed is a basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The high accessibility of the Framework for experienced developers to pick up and use is very easy without having to spend a long time familiarizing themselves with the syntax and such.

Sources: Vue.js Official Guide


Tania Rascia's Tutorial

In Tania Rascia's tutorial is aimed at beginner and intermediate developers. This seems to be a vey in-depth tutorial for just a single page. She gives many different examples, including how to install Vue.js onto your web project.

In Tania's tutorial you will learn things from the anatomy of a Vue file, working with data, methods, conditional statements and events. She also shows you how to create, update, vue, and delete data and how to make API calls with that data.

VueSchool is a very interesting tutorial website. The website prints articles about new and upcoming features in Vue.js and gives greate tutorials on how to implement them. I find this website very interesting as I've never seen anything that actually gives you examples with upcoming features and feels like it would be a great tool if you are actively using Vue.js.


Vue.js Reddit Community

I found that the reddit for Vue.js is pretty active. While the forums on Vue.js's website do seem active, it seems like the reddit is a little more active, including being able to see projects from others to draw inspiration off of.


Reddit Post "Vue Snow"

Animated Particle Backgrounds

I love how both of these uses particle effects to add some flair to their pages. After learning this little bit about Vue.js I am very interested. While I don't believe I have a function for anything in Vue.js yet, I do see things I can definitely use in future projects to help. I would definitely use Vue.js in future projects, at this point I'm just more worried about learning the syntax and such because it does expant JavaScript a lot and just looking at an entire page with the Vue.js code looks overwhelming in one sitting.